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Thoughts of our CEO

"Stew Fusion by ỌmọỌba is a concept driven by the thought of sharing the rich tapestry of Nigerian stew flavors. I did not have a formal culinary background. However, I appreciate great food tastes. In addition, I want to bring the exotic taste of party stews to everyday dining experience. I intend to share these scrumptious stews in two ways, thus: One is the traditional pairing of authentic Nigerian stew with certain carbohydrates. The other is the combination of exquisite authentic Nigerian stews with western staples. This allows diners the freedom to select and combine their choices of stew as they wish. Hence, our variety of Nigerian stews is a bridge to fusing with western staple diet, through their flavors and depth of taste. This is the bridge to an enjoyable dining experience.

Our menu is an Affordable Luxury; and it is brought to you by omoOba. Affordable Luxury"

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