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With more ways to unlock exciting perks, this is your all-access pass to exclusive rewards. To enroll in Stew Fusion by ỌmọỌba rewards and begin accumulating points participants must first create an account and achieve the required points.

Rewards Program

How It Works

Participants in Stew Fusion by ỌmọỌba rewards program may accumulate loyalty “points” that entitle the participant to Stew Fusion by ỌmọỌba Rewards benefits, or “Rewards,” at participating Stew Fusion by ỌmọỌba restaurant.

Level One

By becoming a member a customer joins level one. Level one members enjoy promotional discounts before anyone. After gaining required points by doing the activities a customer can promote himself/herself to the next level.

Level Two

Level two members are instantly rewarded with a 10% coupon once they join. We often share individual coupons and discounts with level two members. By gaining more points a level two member can achieve the level three.

Level Three

Level three is the ultimate level a member can achieve. These members are rewarded with surprising discounts and offers from time to time. Priority support and delivery are reserved for level three members.

Ways to Earn Points

Ways to Redeem

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